The vest is designed to be outfitted for a particular load out, for either police or military. MOLLE comes in the form of nylon loops known as PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) webbing and can be found on military backpacks, tactical vests, medical kits and much more. So, my LBV went over top of the flak. I like old things, like music, furniture and time-tested survival technique, but there's always a place in my heart for new technology such as weapons and sleeping bag fill. The MOLLE setup is truly modular, and in my opinion, very superior. Although, to be fair, we had ALICE gear, and not MOLLE stuff. 39. MOLLE is a whole new generation of gear sets, and with such, we pack differently than we did in days past. The back of a chest rig is just adjustable straps to hold it in place. It’s a vest that fits over your head with a front panel and back panel. You’ll undoubtedly want your vest to have a water feature. How Does MOLLE Work? Before I go any further, I want to point out my favorite MOLLE vest on the market – the Condor Quick Release Plate Carrier. Or should i keep my molle belt? You know, I was once told that opinions are just like… Oh wait, you’ve heard that one? If you’re just looking to rig for a one-size-fits-all event, go with the “shtf” setup. As it has been said. Keep the front areas of your shoulders as clean as possible. I for one, am a minimalist. Oh my… Setting up a MOLLE vest(or plate carrier as it is often referred to) is such a personal preference, and to ask how to do it, is almost like asking “how should you cook eggs?”. Ensure this region is clean of restraints, handcuffs, key holders, and even baton holders. Enough overview though, let me give you some examples of what I mean. This vest is also capable of carrying more pouches. Now, that said, I would love to have been able to put all of my M16A2 magazines in one spot, my chewing tobacco in another, and a multi tool somewhere else. The former is obviously safer and more secure, but either one makes for a handy at-the-ready setup. When playing, I like being light on my feet, and win fights by relocating instead of having a lot of gear. I for one, am a minimalist. Most orders ship within 24 hours (excludes firearms). need help with molle vest setup. Please know this is only a pouch, and it does not come with any contents. Thank you for both your comments, and your service Master Sergeant. I have no idea where to put my mags on a molle vest... The tactical vest component of a plate carrier is fairly self-explanatory. For the fastest delivery, select Express Shipping at checkout. I'm a former US Marine, full-time father and husband, and part-time survivalist. Some tactical vests come with hydro bladders while others don’t. I’m currently an 11B (Army Infantry), and I’m looking at my IOTV, wondering if I could (or should) put anything on the back of my MOLLE besides my hydration pack. I’m setting up a MOLLIE vest and combing Alice belt. Browse through our large selection of MOLLE compatible military gear. I suggest a first aid set up here. We offer a comprehensive range of MOLLE vests and plate carriers in a variety of styles to suit all needs. Medics also receive a specialized panel loading medical bag, that has … When playing, I like being light on my feet, and win fights by relocating instead of having a lot of gear. Best Tactical Vest Setup – CRYE Precision JPC. ALICE didn’t afford me that convenience but MOLLE does. If you’re anything like me – ADD like mad – then you’ll appreciate the compartmentalization I suggest here. The MOLLE setup is truly modular, and in my opinion, very superior. Now, i'd like to get a molle vest because it looks cool, and i'd put a hydro-pack on the back. Oh my… Setting up a MOLLE vest(or plate carrier as it is often referred to) is such a personal preference, and to ask how to do it, is almost like asking “how should you cook eggs?”. Then, your options for mag pouches will be a plenty. Here, you’re going to want a first aid pouch, knife sheath and ammo pouches as well. These vests are covered top to bottom and front to back with MOLLE loops that allow them to be infinitely customized. Two extra pistol mags and personal gunshot wound med pouch on the right side, nothing on the back (other than large POLICE patch), AR-15 four-mag pouch and a good fixed-blade fighting knife go on left side. MOLLE FLC Vest Only Available Now -- $74.72 . Now you can attach molle compatible pouches to this molle to “upgrade” your vest. Review: 5.11 Tactical Apex Pant – Marriage of Purpose and Comfort, The Maryland HQL – How I obtained mine and details on what to expect, REVIEW: GORUCK Rucker – Lightweight Pack Designed for Everyone, Best Survival Books – 7 Titles Handpicked by a US Marine, FYI: A few words on GORUCK’s “SCARS Lifetime Warranty”, The Best Flashlight Brands and their Most Popular Models, The Best -40 Sleeping Bags: Extreme Weather Calls for Extreme Gear, REVIEW: Slumberjack Latitude sleeping bag, The Best Cold Weather Sleeping Bags – Our 3 Favorite, Everything you need to know about ALICE packs – neatly organized, Choosing a Military Backpack – What you need to consider before purchase. Consider “business tactical “. If one day you are running a rifle, the next you could be running a shotgun, and the vest can keep up. It is one-size-fits-all, and is designed to be worn with or without body armor. They provide protection combined with functionality, the comfort of wearing and much-needed space to carry essential equipment. More information... People also love these ideas Pinterest. This is a concept which I think is most overlooked when rigging any type of gear. A clean vest setup allows this officer to easily shoulder their primary weapon. When I was deployed to the Middle East(almost 20 years ago), we took bullets and grenades. You may end up needing to roll with a molle belt like this one. Because the PALS webbing makes up most of the MOLLE gear’s surface area, you can attach whatever MOLLE pouch you want, to wherever you want on a piece of MOLLE gear. We are all programmed to live, but how easily we make it on ourselves has everything to do with preparedness and good information. These panels have pockets and/or MOLLE webbing to provide a way to store gear for easy access. Either they come with a MOLLE-ready sheath — which can be easily clipped to a pack or vest — or they can be slipped into and/or clipped directly onto the PALS webbing. I cannot reiterate enough, regardless of how well you think your gear is set up, as soon as you get to a game you’ll think of ways to adjust and improve your loadout. To give you a point of reference, I consider “frequently needed” something that you need many times during an excursion, such as a flashlight. When I’m asked “What’s the best way to set up a MOLLE vest?”, I always answer the same way – “What makes the most sense to you”. I'm concerned about my gameplay, though. This tactical vest features hidden document pockets and comes fully compatible with VTAC Slickstick™ pouches or other standard MOLLE gear. Preconfigured Tactical Vest. Those who prefer more reloads may attach those spares on vest’s higher side, using holsters like the Condor HT Holster which mounts via MOLLE. Condor makes an amazing MOLLE water pouch – check it out here. MOLLE Medic Set (ACU Pattern) NSN 8465-01-524-7632 . MOLLE is the gold standard in tactical gear! I think that MOLLE vest setup needs to start with a question: What are you doing? Scott – any 72 hour bag would do just fine. So, instead of having a vest with pouches, we’ve got a vest with PALS webbing, and you can attach whatever gear you like, wherever it best suits you, be it from a logical standpoint, or ergonomic argument. You’re going to want mostly first aid MOLLE attachments, and to boot, I cannot recommend highly enough, Condor’s Breakaway pouch (although I think it has a different name). 169. The "Medic Configuration" pictured above includes an FLC Vest with four zippered medical pouches, and two canteen / utility pouches. People also love these ideas Pinterest. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Like these. That’s an off-kilter combo. Place it in an accessible location in your vest. I would like to have the mag pouches on the vest. Because the setup of your vest is such a preferential process, I think it’s extremely important to understand that every situation is different, and you must pack for the occasion. God, that was a ridiculously bulky setup now that I’m revisiting it in my mind. This post is from: The Ultimate Guide to Military Backpacks and Beyond. This is a … You will find molle straps that are located at both the front and back area. Those who run the pistol off vest should keep their reloads in the beltline. Review: 5.11 Covert Boxpack – Very Tactical, Very Covert, Very Nice. Now, i'd like to get a molle vest because it looks cool, and i'd put a hydro-pack on the back. That’s why I think it’s a good idea to categorize your gear like I did in the section titled “most important carry”. Actually, that’s good advice no matter the scenario. Make sure you have a canteen cup and water treatment pills. Ok i do have another question ? I’m walking in with gear food and clothing. It’s impressively light and there’s also a Molle to run side plates if necessary. While others – including most of the vests on our list – can be put on like a button down shirt one arm at a time and then zipped closed. Some tactical vests and chest rigs will slip on over your head. MOLLE is normally constructed in rows of heavy-duty nylon stitched onto the tactical vest and tactical bags. You’ll have to build your own first aid kit, but to be lazy, you can just buy a ready-made kit like this one, and put it into the Condor bag. Saved by Andrew. (and get some kind of backpack for hidratation)? i'm trying to build a super light, utility setup. In this setup just one of the MOLLE/PALS cummerbunds is used to support my radio and the other side is a low profile cummerbund. From heavy, CIRAS-inspired tactical vests with sets of pouches, to lightweight assault vest and plate carriers. But the point is still made that we were going out in the field for a purpose. I see guys with vests, mags on the front, puches on the front... they don't spend a lot of time crawling. i'm trying to build a super light, utility setup. The second major type of load-bearing vests are designed to match an officer’s underlying uniform in style and color and usually have a smooth back, a false-button front with standard uniform pockets up top, and 2-3 rows of MOLLE loops at the bottom. A plate carrier’s cummerbund is a lot like a belt for a vest. You can carry this piece of equipment at the rear of your vest. Survival technique is a very personal preference. So, in a nutshell, the emergency/disaster MOLLE vest setup will involve water and first aid gear for the most part. thanks. I … “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, and that goes for gear staging just as much as anything else. If you do, make sure they are “rarely needed” items, since they won’t be accessed rapidly. For example, if you purchased a camo vest, and it had a certain number of pockets built in, you could put whatever fit in those pockets in them, and organize yourself in that manner. You can also change the vest at will to suit your needs. This is where the molle system comes into play. It’s a fantastic list of proven gear with personal reviews and opinions. I'm here to share my knowledge and experience, and I hope you'll share yours as well. Here’s a few scenarios and general, very basic suggestions. Police Tactical Vest Tactical Belt Duty Belt Setup Police Duty Gear Edc Law Enforcement Gear Body Armor Vest Combat Gear Tactical Equipment. Well, when it comes to gear setups, I take myself very seriously. Finally, make sure your tactical vest contains some kind of light. I too grow up with the Alice pack and still have one, but I do like and use the molle system I find it easier to pack and control what I pack and the advice you’ve given is good, keep it up. The fact is, it's a preference more than a requirement issue, but we're going to discuss it anyhow. When MOLLE replaced ALICE military-wide, many changes came. It’s a handy item which will keep you hydrated no matter what the situation is. I’m having a hard time tracking down mag pouches for 7.62X51 ( PTR-91) im using old m15 mag pouches but only 2 mags in each. The modular Molle and Velcro allows you to carry what you need and it has a low profile which is convenient if you need it. How to set up a MOLLE vest. The straps and inside mesh make it comfortable to wear even for long periods. The MOLLE setup is truly modular, and in my opinion, very superior. Previous: The Best -40 Sleeping Bags: Extreme Weather Calls for Extreme Gear, Next: The Best Flashlight Brands and their Most Popular Models, The Ultimate Guide to Military Backpacks and Beyond. Honestly, if it were me, and the proverbial shit really did enter a fan of any sort, I can tell you right now, I’m running lightweight, and fully armed. I’d suggest some “put anything in there” molle pouches like this guy from VISM. Two 1 quart canteens or a single 2 quart canteen should be good. As the centerpiece, the MOLLE vest functions as the heart of our personal gear, and I think it’s important to discuss a topic that comes to me in email all the time: MOLLE vest setup. With the use of this webbing system, military personnel and other public safety professionals are able to fully customize the way their equipment is set up. Current duty vest setup. Take a look at the 511 carriers, they are set up really nice with PALS webbing throughout. Most plate carriers are meant to be in place of a vest. 1 – Tactical Vest. It makes it light and easy to wear a backpack with one. MOLLE system, Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment was designed to be a load bearing system that allows for additional MOLLE compatible pouches to be attached to your tactical backpack. Having been a US Marine, I know that how you pack will directly affect how well you live in the field. The great thing about the vest is you can quickly switch out the cummerbunds as needed. Designed with the assistance from Staffordshire Police Firearms Unit, the Modular tacvest System is a vest with separate equipment holders that can be arranged to an individual’s needs. How to set up a MOLLE vest. I admit, “shtf” is a generously ambiguous term, but surprisingly, I think the vest setup would be similar regardless of the details. Setting up gear is such a personal thing, and some folks are wicked-organized, while others just can’t seem to grasp the concept. MOLLE Vest Setup Final Thoughts. When I vacuum a floor, I quarter it, and when I drink beer, it’s one at a time. My vest ia a 511 , I would like to get a plate carrier with a front& rear plates. I mean, don’t get me wrong, back in the days of the Corps(for me), I wore a vest over my flak, but that was when we had all ALICE. I’m the type of guy that can’t focus on everything at once, or I get overwhelmed. MOLLE offered incredible improvements in the modular sense due to the PALS webbing which it was based on. That said, you need to declare what type of a situation you are rigging for, and then you can categorize your gear into the three sections I mentioned. I need a huge pack to hold gear and weight but not 10 lbs in a backpack like IBLE witch is awesome just to heavy.any other packs as good my friend. In this example, we divide your vest load into three parts – (1) frequently needed – (2) sometimes needed – (3) might need. Police Tactical Vest. 2 – Cummerbund. Molle Vests. The vest is constructed of superior military grade mesh and is fully adjustable for comfort. I like to take as little gear as possible every time I go out. If you don’t want to buy a vest and all of the accessories, you can buy a vest that is set up with a standard tactical vest setup. My thought train on this is that if it were me, I would want my full armament for personal protection, and then lots of empty space for anything I might pick up along the way. If you have room, a water filter of some sort is nice to have on hand as well. MOLLE Compatible Military Tactical Packs, Pouches and Vests . I tend to. Would you take a sleeping bag on a day hike? Would you wear the plate carrer under the vest ? Your Central Issue Facility or Supply should issue a complete MOLLE set with the appropriate pockets to match your squad posi-tion. If you have to shed your vest, or just don’t wear one, you will need water. The Best -40 Sleeping Bags: Extreme Weather Calls for Extreme Gear My favorites are the Rush 72 and Ghost. Oh my… Setting up a MOLLE vest(or plate carrier as it is often referred to) is such a personal preference, and to ask how to do it, is almost like asking “how should you cook eggs?”. Take your time, rig properly for the event, and you’ll be happy when the time comes. Another problem: i'm using mp5, and i have a leg holster connected to my belt. What is the recommendation for carrier with 7.62 rated plates? On top of that, the LBE vest also has a 3-liter hydration pocket on the interior backside and can be adjusted in both girth and length. These vests, packs, and pouches are compatible with authentic MOLLE military gear, allowing you to add a wide variety of attachments, customizing your gear in countless unique ways. Keep in mind that you still have to have a bladder to put into it. G'day all. Much like Wifi did for the internet, the MOLLE standard really opened up a lot of options for the Military Gear market. As far as the packs are concerned what is a decent size molle pack that would allow me to fit a larger laptop to work?? Use a light. The modular Fighting Load Carrier (FLC) vest allows commanders to tailor their Soldiers' loads to meet mission needs without unnecessary extra pouches and gear. It’s more of a general bug out recipe and won’t let you down. The MOLLE system consists of the fighting load vest, the main rucksack, the sleep sys-tem carrier, the patrol pack, the frame, sustainment pockets, six foot Back when I was in our beloved Corps, we had what was called “782 Gear” which consisted of a few different pieces of equipment, all tied together through the Load Bearing Vest or LBV. The fact is, it’s a preference more than a requirement issue, but we’re going to discuss it anyhow. OK, I do realize that things could go horribly wrong, and you might need the sleeping bag, but for arguments’ sake, let’s keep it basic. Are molle vests good for this kind of gameplay? ALICE had been more like a normal piece of gear you would wear with built in pockets. The front (chest) is the same as the above basic vest. MOLLE systems (pronounced "Molly") let you attach multi-tools, knives, magazine pouches, and other equipment to tactical backpacks, rucksacks, and load-bearing vests.Here’s how MOLLE works, plus a few tips to help you get the most out of your system.

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